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Personal grants

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I have always helped others in my 55 years of life. Now that I am unemployed, sick and without money, no one notices me anymore. I have tried several sites online to try and get a personal me stupid, I cannot understand a word they are saying and have achieved nothing to get started in getting some kind of grant. I must cancel, so that I have some money in my pocket. Can anybody please help me in writing up a personal grant and finding one that fits my needs.

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I am about to become homeless, am unemployed, sick with very bad teeth that are slowly poisoning my system, a jaw that constantly aches, making me unable to sleep or eat. I have no money to pay for any of these sights, I am in desperate need of a personal loan to get me back on my feet and once on my feet would like to either go back to school or start a business. Please can I get any help in getting a personal grant from somewhere. I have no family, few real friends and am desperate......please, help me

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Hi I'm a single mom and i work full time, go tot school full time and take care of my son full time. i trying so hard to give my son every thing that he need but I an in debt will a lot of medical bills when i had my son my insurance said they will not cover so now i have to pay all that money back and i want to get my credit back with a good score so i can beable to get a hosue after i get married and i want to be able to have the best wedding that i have a=every dreamed of but i i just really need help with all my bills so i can be able so save up for my wedding soon instead of trying to pay all of these bills to get out of debt that will take for ever i'm opnly 24 i really need help. please can someone help me i would really appriciate it a hole lot. i tryed to apply for loans but i'm always denied and i still have to pay for school every month.

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I am a Single mom trying to take care of my two girls - i have done my best to not abuse any assistance system and now i am beginning to drown in debt - i need help fast - some of my $25,000 in bills payment are 3 months behind and i dont' think i will even be able to get a loan. Please let me know if someone can help me - i don't seem to qualify for anything - i am not rich but work hard and can't keep up. Desperate -

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My daughter lost her job and her ability to keep her apartment. Her car is no longer. She has two children and needs to be able to get the one to school and go to work. She lives in the Anaheim area. Is there anybody out there that can help with a reliable vehicle?

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Imagine receiving either $100. to each dollar you unselfishly provide or even $1,000. to each gracious dollar you so graciously provide. How about providing a mere $5. per great clear photograph you submit for the Melectric Music Video presentations.

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Ways to work can assist with a small grant for a car loan or car repair.
ways to work

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struggling teacher

I have a similar problem to that of Bobber. I need to find a grant that I could use to help buy a new car. Do they even exist? Where can I look/

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