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Personal grants

Bobber started this conversation

  I need to find grant money to help pay off some personal debt so wwe can get bak on our feet.

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I lost my job due to me not being able to pass my fire arm training course under homeland security I was on the contract for a total of 12 years due to an injury I have its very complicated for me to qualify. I was receiving my unemployment but due to me reporting my payout vacation check my unemployment was put in reveiw an it could take up to 8 weeks and its already been 5 weeks my car note is 2 months behind my car insurance is in jeopardy I have an eviction notice and I also have other outstanding bills that is due, even when my unemployment starts back up its stil not enough to keep me going its only $222.00 a week. I have another job lined up but its the waiting process please help me before I loose everything I worked for.
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i am single mom with 6 children, one with a disability. i am struggling to keep us in our home in florida. I need a job really soon as I have lossed my job. I am seeking help from a person sent by God to aid us in our hour of need. I have helped others when I had plenty. Please , I pray that God will touch the heart of someone out there. I am a hard working mom who also home schools my children. We are 3months behind in our mortgage. Please help? thankyou
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on a mission
I am a single mom, I lost my job. i was living in florida with my two girls ages 10 and 14.had to move to new york where I grew up hoping my family would help me, one of my biggest problems is my 14 yr. old wears braces child support stopped,and that is what was paying for her braces,she has not seen a dr. in 8 mths. I am currently living with a friend in a very smal one bedroom apt. my children and I just need help with geting our lives back together. I am 52yrs old and can not find a job. I worked as a district mgr.for 15 yrs. Right now I would work anywhere.Please help us with whatever you can.we need money to move we need a life please help us . I have a car that does not work and needs to be fixed.we are on public assitance,not much help. we put god first,and pray that someone will answer our children are sleeping on an air mattress.tthey are straiight A students, but are wearing down from all he stress in there little lives. They need clothes and shoes very badly. thank you and god bless you.
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Financial Aid at my schools way to confusing.

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 in response to VeezyVibetime...   Have you tried the financial aid office of your college?  The financial aid office would be the best source of knowing what kind of grants and scholarship programs are out there for you.
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Im currently a freshman in college and im getting closer tomy sophomore year. times are hard on me and my family and everyday we find it hard to get some of the things we need. I want to be able to stay in school and be a role model for my sister. Getting a grant would be absolutely a helping hand.

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I need help on information on get a pewrsonal grant and information will be greatly appreciated.  thanks

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I am a single mother in search of some help. I am way over my head in debt. I am 40 years old and decided to go back to school and it is hard. My family and I are late with rent and have no food in the house to eat nor gas in the car so I can get back to work. If anyone have any leads or help for me please let me know. Thank you so much.

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You are very welcome.

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GOD BLESS you,your prayer is a blessing to my heart,truely GOD can work out anything,thank you again!!!

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Please work out the situation with the mother's property.  Please bless the wife to stop drinking.  Amen.

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The funeral bills aren't the main thing,our mothers property is my real concern.She's not in the position to make any disitions since she's in the nursing home,but I belive inGod and prayer ,but my wife drinks heavily.I don't drink or smoke,foul language doesn't cross my lips,thank you very much for reding my message,if you belive in prayer please do so for meand again thank you and GOD BLESS you!!!                                                        Prayful                                                             

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Since, obviously, the daughter is the next of KIN: have the funeral bills ASSIGNED to her.  It is HER responsibility.  Oh, I'm sure she didn't think of that when she was trying to get your brother's assets.  Have the funeral home to put a lien on the brother's account!  It's HIS funeral, right.  They can freeze the account in some cases.

I am so sorry for the loss of your brother.

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I'm sorry I don't have away to post a picture,but I'm trying to find away to get a grant to pay for my brothers funeral cost,he past away in february,no insurance,our mother is in a nursing home,with deminsha and alshimer,please excuse my spelling,but she doesn't know and really wouldn't understand anyway,but he left me with her home to pay for on top of my own bills.His wife and daughter left him 20yrs. ago,and didn't show back up till he died.They took histitles to his 2 pickups and talked to the bank about his account.They told his daughter she was the only one that could get his money,but she would have to get a lawyer,now she will not answer my phone calls or call me back.Isn't there some kind of government grant I can get to help.Not a hand out just some help to get things caught up.His funeral cost is $6000 and I don"t have any way to get money like that.I just need some help.ndurhl

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Hello, I just wanted to say do not give up, what ever you do that is the very worst thing, when you give up, its done.  Kinda like if your leaning to swim, because if you don't you could drown, and you keep trying and you can't seem to get it how to stay afloat  and to swim. So you stop trying to learn no biggie you will survive, not neccerly, if your at a lake and you happen to go to far, basicly you will drown if no one is arouund to help you out. All because you gave up..  

I know is easy to lose hope, sometimes easier to lose it, then to keep it. I think there is a discussion group on feeling hopeless, I went there because I have learned to try and fight that emotion. But my friend, there are good people, and good organizations, you did the right thing coming here, Ive been here a couple of weeks I have a huge need, almost seems impossible, but since coming to this sight, I found away while Im praying and hoping for my miracle as are so many here,  The best way to start feeling better, even before you have the answer to your debt problems, is by helping someone, don't money me either, you have a voice, you have a heart. Debt is a bummer I shared about somewhere, I was in debt quite a few years ago, I just thought tht was it bad credit for ever even if i became a responsible person...  But actually that can  change, and there are statue of limitations, in all of the states when your debt is kind of reconciled. Im not saying to do that, certainly we all feel better when we are doing are best to live rightly

All I know is you will be on your feet, again, some of the things in life I have come thru, espially the debt stuff. I leaned alot, was not the most fun lessons I've had bud the were life giving, you acturally learn to like your self better, I sincerely hope you find the grant links that will help you, there are quite a few refernces just keep looking. Just wanted you to know people in here truly care, in the two weeks since I since came for my problem, I have been encouraged, sent links that could help, they didnt but they could someone. sent prayers which I love.  There is just something that happens when you reach out to help a complete stanger, just becaue you don't want to see them hurting, I was pretty despondant when I came here, and I still have my moments, but it has been life changing... I really really encourage to read thu some of the other peoples problem/ issues. then take another step. write them, tell them you care then they are having a hard time.. just that simple sentence, can be life to some people... We are of value.. no matter how poor we are, or what medidcal needs we have, we are valuable. we still count. Any enough of me..  just wanted to say hi, and don't give up, and reach out, and let me know how you felt after encouraging a complete stranger.... :) :)

God bless you in all you need,  Kat 

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go to what website again i'm trying  to apply for grant to gethousing for my son and i. it is so hard for me.

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goto and apply...... however you have to look for a grant that will fit your needs....goodluck!

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I need information on how to get a personal grant,FREE information.

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Hi, I am a 34 year old single female who had lost her job last year because of an extended recovery from back surgery. Being unemployed and recovering has drained my measly bank account and left me with no money to fall back on. Last October I was able to find a seasonal job which has now ended. I have, like so many people, been living pay check to pay check, well sort of, my bills exceed my income, and now am in a major bind with no where to go for help. I have been applying non stop for a job, but the way things are going, it doesnt look to promising any time soon. I need to find at least $3000. to help me stay afloat until I can land a job. I need to pay my rent(which is already late) as well as my truck payment(I need to keep that to get to work and back)and utilities(I need lights and warm water)Is there any one that can help with this problem?

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There are many of us looking for debt relief help, so I can relate.  This is the first time I've seen this site.  Here is one website with a few resources that claim to help.  Don't forget to check out the sites first.  If you know or are willing to do your own grant-writing, it's a real challenge, but could be worth your time and effort. . .good luck!

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